Our Menu

All our dishes are homemade, created from traditional family recipes


Mixed olives and bread (vg) £5.40

Babaganush smoked aubergine with tahini & bread (vg) £7.40

Tabbouleh salad with bulgur wheat, parsley, tomatoes, onions and pomegranate, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil (vg) £6.90

Hummus served with bread (vg) £6.90

Chilli Fried dates and padron peppers (vg) £7.20

Sigara Boregi Turkish cottage cheese, parsley & Black pepper rolled in filo pastry, served with chilli sauce (v) £7.20

Halloumi chips Breaded halloumi sticks served with yogurt and mint dip (v) £7.20

Falafel spiced mashed chick peas (vg) served with a tahini dip (v) £7.60

Calamari in our own batter, with a slice of lemon and a chilli and vinegar dip £7.90

Breaded King Prawns served with a sweet chilli dip £7.90

Cod Goujons served with a sweet chilli dip £8.90

Piyaz (vg) White bean, parsley & onion salad £6.90

Acili Ezme (vg) a spicy tomato and chili ‘salsa’ style, served with bread £6.40

Pan Fried Sucuk (Spicy Turkish Sausage) with onions and peppers £8.90

Hot Sharing Mezze Plate (v) Halloumi chips, Falafel, Sigara Boregi & Chilli fried Dates served with a selection of dips £20.90

Cold Sharing Mezze Plate(vg) Mixed Olives, Babaganush, Salad, Hummus & Bread £18.90


Chicken Shish Home marinated diced Chicken breast £21.90

Kofte Beef Meatballs £21.90

Adana Lamb mince spiced kebab served with Acili Ezme £23.40

Lamb Chops marinated lamb & yoghurt & mint sauce £23.40

Imam Bayildi aubergines filled with a tomato, pepper and onion mixture then baked (vg), Served with cold yoghurt(v) £19.40

Halloumi shish halloumi skewered with peppers and grilled (v) £19.40

All main courses are served with Turkish rice, Salad, grilled tomato & marmara pepper (Sweet pepper)

Mezze Me Sharing Platters

A selection of our vegetarian or meat appetisers for 2 to share Vegetarian Platter* with Stuffed aubergine, halloumi shish,falafel, sigara boregi, (can be made vegan) £25.50 per person

Meat Platter* with Chicken, Lamb chop, Kofte & adana Grilled Turkish sucuk £27.50 per person (*Minimum 2 people)

All platters are served with rice*, Salad, grilled peppers & tomato, hummus & bread


Bread Basket £2.90

Dressed Salad £4.90

Oven roasted Mediterranean Vegetables £4.90

Turkish Rice £3.90

Chips £3.90

*Our rice contains pasta, and therefore is not Gluten free. Chips or Vegetables can be offered as an alternative.

Light bites Served between 12pm – 3pm


Chicken shish with mint yoghurt sauce £11.90

Adana Spicy Lamb Mince with mint yoghurt sauce £12.90

Kofte meatballs with a spicy sauce £11.90

Roasted vegetables (vg) with a spicy sauce £10.90

All sandwiches are served with chips or a side salad.

Turkish Village Breakfast Turkish Sucuk (sausage), baked with 2 eggs & served with Turkish bread £9.60

Turkish Lentil Soup (Vg) served with a slice of lemon & Turkish bread £8.80